Sami cultural centre

Janne Laukka, Tuomas Niemelä & Milla Parkkali Senaatti-kiinteistöt / Inari, Finland Cultural center 1st prize

Winning entry for Sami cultural centre in Inari, Finnish Lappland. The language of form for the building is influenced by the traditional Sami handcrafts, and it's form in the site plan gives impressions of a bone or reindeer hide. The main material of the exterior is aging, graying wood. The architechtural highlight for the interior spaces is the main lobby, where visitor traverses a narrow chasm between the forms of the auditoriums from main entrance to the vista on the river below. Architectural design process started in 2008, construction work began in the spring 2010, and the center was opened to general public in beginning of 2012.

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Built by Workflower